Expert Software Development Engineer

Nantes, FRANCE

Job Description

In close collaboration with the Tech Leader, the expert engineer develops and improves our products dedicated to the management of Mainframe IBM platforms. The expert development engineer designs and develops our products.

To achieve this mission, the employee will rely on the company’s tools, and will also work closely with the company’s marketing, sales, and technical experts or consultants.


1 – Technical translation of functional requirements

  • Perform or participate in the detailed operational analysis of users’ needs.
  • Study the opportunities and the technological feasibility of the application.
  • Design and draft the specifications, based on operational specifications.


2 – Design and development

  • Design software architecture
  • Analyse and develop the components using the appropriate languages (z/OS Assembly language, C/C++, REXX, java,…).
  • Ensure the development and the implementation of applications (prototypes and modules).
  • Adapt and set the parameters of software packages selected for the software architecture.
  • Participate in database building.
  • Harmonise and industrialise components and applications.
  • Document the applications for further development and the production launch.


3 – Tests and acceptance processes

  • Define the test protocols and scenarios (unit and load testing).
  • Test, identify and deal with possible malfunctions of the software developed.
  • Analyse the results and draft test reports.
  • Check the compliance with the capacities of the resource with the original requirements.


4 – Packaging and qualification

  • Integrate developments to test the final version.


5 – Evolutive and corrective maintenance

  • Perform corrective and evolutive software maintenance.


Other activities

  • Ensure technological watch in order to propose solutions that take into account innovations in development and languages.
  • As part of his or her duties, the development engineer may also write technical documentation and provide training to users.

Technical skills

  •  Good knowledge of the Mainframe platform (Architecture, Operating system, general operation, resources and workload management)
  •  Expertise in development methods and tools (GIT, SVN,)
  • Knowledge of frameworks (unit testing).
  • Knowledge of several programming languages (C, C++, REXX, Assembly language…), as well as some operating systems (z/OS, Windows, Unix, Linux…)
  • Understanding of the environment and how the company operates.


  • Dynamic, motivated
  • An appetite for challenge and results
  • Patience, perseverance, attention to detail, analytical skills
  • Interpersonal skills, service-oriented, reactivity, curiosity
  • Organisational skills, autonomy
  • Team spirit, good listening skills
  • Good job activities management and good priorities management
  • Fluent in English


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Job purpose

Design and development of software

Type of contract



Nantes, France

Level of experience


Reporting to

Tech Leader