Project Manager

Nantes, FRANCE

Job Description

In close collaboration with the General Management and the Product Manager, the PM liaises with the company’s entities (Sales, Marketing, Lab, Support). He/She participates in the development of product roadmaps and then, as project manager, manages and monitors R&D projects.

Its knowledge and practices in project management will be used by other entities to assist in the implementation of other projects and the implementation of good practices.

To fully fulfil its role, the PM puts in place the tools and methods necessary and essential for the smooth running of projects. It defines the means necessary to achieve the objectives (HR, delivery, etc.) and participates in the budget preparation process.


  •  Management and follow-up of projects involving the lab,
  •  Exchange with the other entities of the company (soliciting, communicating, exchanging, proposing, creating links),
  • Coordination with other company projects involving or impacting the lab,
  • Elaboration and analysis of dashboards relating to the progress of projects,
  • Realization of reporting for business entities and/or general management.
  • Project resource management,
  • Identification of the human resources required to deploy projects and management of assignments in collaboration with entity managers,
  • Development of Product Roadmaps in collaboration with the Product Manager and Technical Leader,
  • Elaboration and follow-up of budgets dedicated to projects,
  • Choice of allocation keys between internal and external resources,
  • Management of potential service providers (co-contractors, subcontractors…).

Technical skills

  • Organizer :
    Know how to analyse, decompose, delegate to have the project carried out and lead to its completion.

  • Pilot:
    Monitoring role to better anticipate. A decision-maker and team decision-maker, he is a good manager who knows how to best manage resources, identify needs and find the best way to allocate them.

  • Giver of meaning:
    Provide benchmarks to team members and give taste to the project.

  • Team builder :
    Put the collective objective before the individual objective

  • Exchange dynamizer:
    It communicates but he also encourages others to communicate. It grants the right to speak for all. It makes people want to communicate to the less talkative, and it encourages them to listen to others.

  • Idea midwife:
    It will do everything in its power to find original solutions. He will develop his empathy capital to help team members give coherence to ideas to share and develop them.

  • Diplomat:
    The PM knows how to negotiate internally and externally. It prevents conflicts and protects the team from harmful external influences.


  • Ability to analyze, have a sense of synthesis and the essential
  • Listening and being available
  • Develop team spirit
  • Relationship skills and diplomacy
  • Organization and sense of deadlines
  • Strength of conviction
  • Creativity
  • Ability to communicate verbally and in writing
  • Good knowledge of the company’s products and services
  • Organizational skills, autonomy, team spirit
  • Desired knowledge of the IBM Z ecosystem (Mainframe)
  • Budget management
  • Good level of English


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Job purpose

Manage and lead the company’s strategic projects.

Type of contract



Nantes, France

Level of Experience


Reporting to

Executive Management