I/O Booster

Enhance your batch window

Improve sequential files

Add buffers dynamically

No JCL or program modifications

Respect buffers already specified

Built to boost sequential I/O’s of batch jobs


The I/O Booster product intercepts each Open issued by z/OS through the applications and modifies the buffers, increasing it according to parameters previously established in the product.

As the main part of the process, the I/O Booster has a dynamic interface in z/OS Open routines which is invoked every time an OPEN is issued for NON VSAM files.

Once the I/O Booster is active, and the table of rules is loaded into memory, the I/O Booster updates buffers parameter for each file that matches with I/O Booster rules applying the most suitable value for buffers.

Through an user-friendly ISPF interface are parameterized which jobs / steps / procsteps / programs / ddnames / dsnames and userids should or should not have their datasets buffered with the suitable buffer limits.

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  • Adds buffers dynamically to files in batch processes.
  • No JCL changes or modifications in programs.
  • Allows respect or overwrite buffers already specified in the JCL.
  • Job elapsed time reduction and CPU time reduction.
  • Shrinks batch window.
  • Possible reduction in software bill.
  • Postpones HW investments.
  • 30% – 80% improvement.