Dino for zCost

A Big Data solution for AutoSoftCapping users

Real Time Monitoring thanks to NIMS and ASC SMF records

Big-Data Analysis thanks to the Dino-DB

An Accurate z / Financial Management

A Baseline feature to detect any deviation

Manage the Activity

Real-time Monitoring

  • Resources (CPC, LPAR)
  • WLM Behavior (WKL, IMP, SC in MSU)
  • SLAs
  • Soft Capping Behavior
  • Baseline

Analyze Historical Data

by Resource or Date / Time:

  • CPC
  • Combined CPCs
  • Environment
  • LPAR


  • SLA: Batch or Online
  • CP / zIIP
  • Mobile / zCAP / CMP

    Control Budgets

    • Capacity follow-up in MSUs (CPC or Aggregated CPCs)
    • Product MSU Distribution per CPC, LPAR, Environment
    • Product Cost Distribution per CPC, LPAR, Environment
    • Contract commitment follow-up:
      • manage the MSU limits on a monthly basis
      • compare the monthly cost aggregation to the yearly contract commitments

      D4Z is a big-data oriented App based on AutoSoftCapping SMF Data, SCRT, Invoices and Software Agreements from IBM and ISV

      In this example, the graph highlights an extra cost for DB2 and CICS linked to an extra consumption maybe due to a loop or other application issues.

      In this example, the trend, in orange, shows how the 9M€ contract commitments, in red, will be reached in November: an information we have to detect before….


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