Intuitive interface to build the perfect capacity planning

Consolidate SMF records in a single graphical interface

Run multiple upgrade scenarios and compare them

Evaluate the impact of hardware upgrades on software costs

Financial view to follow budget evolutions

What can CCP-Tool do for you?

CCP-Tool allows your organization to forecast medium and long-term requirements for z Resources by simulating the changes to your capacity needs – both for hardware and software. It supports you when developing a strategy for your future capacity requirements across your z environment.

Simulation options:

  • CPC model changes
  • CPC mergers
  • LPARs’ MSU consumption increase or decrease.
  • Product Management (IBM & ISV)

With this information, you can plan your IT strategy:

  • Managing Hardware upgrade requirements
  • Controlling and forecasting Software costs

A step-by-step process

  • Gather information from End users regarding future activity
  • Build a capacity plan
  • Forecast future hardware changes
  • Optimize usage of existing capacity
  • Check compliance regarding sysplex aggregation
  • Forecast future Software costs
  • Compare requirements to budget availability
  • Values and ranges to optimize Software contracts
  • Follow-up to review compliance with contracts and commitments

What do you get from CCP-Tool?

  • Hardware acquisition plan based on your company’s forecasts and objectives
  • MSU usage and Software costs in your local area and currency
  • Multiple scenarios enable you to compare different approaches
  • Input from zPCR
  • PR/SM configuration information


Easily build an accurate Capacity Planning

  • Stop approximation
  • Put an end to manipulation errors
  • Cut off waste of time
  • Increase your reactivity
  • Optimize Human Resources
  • Improve share of information between departments
  • Use a reliable methodology to build a strong case for budget approvals!



The first step to control costs


  • Determine the most cost-effective evolution
  • Size your hardware according to your needs
  • Predict software costs
  • A solid basis to control activity & costs on a daily scale
  • Keep control on your IT budget
  • Confront your predictions to the reality, on a monthly basis
  • Quickly resize your infrastructure in case of unexpected deviations

“We ordered a SaaS project to zCost Management to elaborate a 3-year capacity planning, to define the z/architecture with the right number of servers and to evaluate the MLC & IPLA costs. The use of the CCP-Tool and the service provided to analyze the results allowed us to define the right architecture and our IT investment. Now we are going to stand by our z/Budget commitment.”

Jacques Fradin

Senior Architect, PMU

“We started a national datacenter consolidation project in 2010: the plan was merging 5 Datacenters in 2 and getting the same IT System for the 39 regional banks. We had to define our IT budget for 3 years with software and hardware costs. We asked zCost Management for a CCP-Tool SaaS Project. This project has been successful and validated our capacity planning and our new ESSO agreement.”

A European Banking Corporation

Capacity planner


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