Release Notes

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AutoSoftCapping Version 4.3.0

AutoSoftCapping 4.3 now supports Tailored Fit Pricing. With this version, you can apply a differentiated cost control strategy depending on the type of containers you have and monitor their consumption with improved reporting & alerting capabilities.

AutoSoftCapping Version 4.2.0

From now on, every customer who opted for the Mobile Pricing module has the possibility to track his Mobile Pricing consumption in real time. Customers are also able to reinvest MSUs gained from mobile pricing towards additional workloads.

Dino Explorer 2018 Version 6.5.4

Dino Explorer 2018 features a brand-new analysis application, MSU Explorer. This application focuses on system performance analysis. It allows users to understand if their current system configuration is optimal and find improvement opportunities.

AutoSoftCapping Version 4.1.0

In this new version, customers will enjoy a set of new features enabling the prioritization of MSUs within a partition, 100% accurate data matching IBM’s SCRT and greater flexibility in the dynamic defined capacity adjustment, to name a few.