Z Collocated Application Pricing

IBM z Systems Collocated Application Pricing Overview


  • The approval process which validates the workload is a new application on the z/OS platform


  • zCAP Defining Programs include key sub-capacity-eligible IBM programs


  • Customer reports CPU time for zCAP Defining Programs, similar to Mobile but less complex


  • Software pricing for other programs in the same LPAR:
    No effect on the reported MSUs for other unrelated sub-capacity middleware programs (it adjusts MSUs like an offload engine, similar to Mobile Workload Pricing for z/OS)– For z/OS, only 50% of the zCAP-defining program MSUs will be applied … it provides a price benefit similar to zNALC for z/OS, without the requirement for a separate LPAR

    – New IPLA Reference-Based programs with a zCAP Defining Program as their Parent, purchased in support of an approved zCAP application and not running elsewhere in the machine or Sysplex, will be referenced only to the MSUs for the zCAP Defining Program


  • Software pricing for zCAP Defining Programs:
    Net-new zCAP program measured based on program usage MSUs (SMF89 records)


  • zCAP enhancement to MWRT V3.3.0 sub-capacity reporting tool available from April 28, 2015

Identifying zCAP Transaction Workload


  • For each sub-capacity reporting period, customers are responsible for processing their zCAP transaction data into a predefined format to be loaded into MWRT:– IBM must approve the data gathering methodology

    – Detailed MWRT instructions, including CSV file format, available in the MWRT Users Guide


  • When zCAP Defining Program is only running in the LPAR for zCAP purposes:– SMF89 records are used to determine the zCAP MSUs to be removed from the report