vWLC as “variable Workload License Charge” or AWLC as “Advanced WLC” allow to pay for what you use. Both these pricing metrics use Sub-Capacity mechanics. The charges are based on the utilization of the LPAR or LPARs where a vWLC product executes. Structured by 7 levels, the concept is more MSU you have, less is the MSU cost:

The product billed capacity will be based on the highest observed rolling 4-hour average utilization (R4HA) of an LPAR or LPARs where that product is executing. The product billed capacity report is provided by the SCRT (Sub Capacity Reporting Tool) each month. The rule is one SCRT per CPC, so one invoice per CPC.

Figure 1: here the R4H peak is 100 MSU at July 2nd – 8 pm for LPA1. In case the product “COBOL FMID 5655-G53 runs only on LPA1 inside CPC1, this product will be invoiced on 100 MSU.