In the current digital era, we expect information to be available any time, wherever and whenever we want it. The Mainframe platform is the best at delivering this promise. Ironically, mainframe system data are not always available in real-time. For this reason, several mainframe experts are working with day+1 reports to take their decisions. 

How we can help you

A quick overview of your mainframe & billing activity

AutoSoftCapping WEB REPORTING provides a real-time overview of server performances and billing levels using a common and comprehensive language. As a result, System Programmers, Pilots, CTOs and Purchasing Managers are aligned and working from a common view.

  • Quick view of your CPC and LPAR activity: IMSU consumption, capping period and R4H
  • WLM and Service Class Report to identify which Service Class consumes how many MSUs and at what importance level. Thus, allowing the user to analyze specific capping periods in far greater detail.

Additional functions:

  • Business reports for Software Asset Managers
  • PSLC aggregation report
  • Technical reports for z/OS technicians
  • Archive report to analyze and identify potential deviations
  • Multiple reporting formats (GUI, Web, Email)

For deeper real-time analysis

Dino Explorer Suite captures and consolidates your mainframe data into a powerful database and gives you the ability to run in-depth analysis for CICS, DB2, IMS, DASD, CPU…