SCRT report uncovered
How to analyze it and take better IT decisions

If you choose sub-capacity Workload License Charge (WLC), you must submit a SCRT report to IBM every month which outlines the million-service unit (MSU) usage for each server. This report is computed by the Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool (SCRT).

Sub-capacity reports are valuable assets for learning about your z/OS environment. It allows you to analyze accurate system data, make necessary adjustments to consumption and monitor your cost control strategy.

This whitepaper is a comprehensive guide for these reports. It will teach you how to analyze your data to take better decisions.

The whitepaper covers following topics:


  • What is a SCRT report?
  • What you can learn about your infrastructure through it
  • How to use the report to improve mainframe efficiency
  • How to optimize your sub-capacity report with soft capping