11TH CMG BRASIL Performance and Capacity Planning Conferences     

                                           Here the Agenda

           Attend our 3 Conferences by 4Bears and zCost Management:


15:40 às 16:30 – Sala 2207  – Understanding and Managing z/Princing by Jacky Hofbauer and  Alexey Amorim da Hora
All you need to know about the IBM z licensing, from the methods to the contract and how the links between
hardware and software could impact the pricing. Best practices to forecast and build a z/budget, to control what you
planned and to follow-up your z/Environment and to apply a z/Financial management.


12:30 às 13:00 – Sala 2205 –  ASC – Auto Soft Capping Palestrante – 4Bears

Como reduzir custos de software em ambientes mainframe utilizando “soft capping” dinâmico.

13:00 às 13:30 – Sala 2205 – Dino Explorer Suite Palestrante – 4Bears

SMF Big Data, coletando uma avalanche de logs em te ambiente. mpo real, sem fazer esforço e com recursos mínimos de