PARIS, FRANCE, January 21, 2019– zCost Management, a leading mainframe optimization software company, announced today, the release of Dino Explorer 2018 that features a brand-new analysis application, MSU Explorer.

360° performance analysis, from hardware to software costs

MSU Explorer focuses on system performance analysis and allows users to understand if the current system configuration is optimal while finding improvement opportunities.

This application displays the most relevant mainframe Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in one interface:

  • WLM Performance Reports to finetune WLM rules
  • Resource Consumption Reports to optimize system usage
  • Hardware Performance Reports to track system bottlenecks
  • MLC Cost Reports to monitor & optimize mainframe costs
  • Soft Capping Performance Reports to analyze AutoSoftCapping’s decisions

“Through interactive and ready-to-use graphs, users can check the relevance of their WLM rules and verify the efficiency of their LPAR and hardware configuration.” states Bruno Koch, CEO of zCost Management. “Our AutoSoftCapping users can also analyze their soft capping strategy within Dino Explorer 2018.”

The ambition to unbox the black box

Mainframes are often seen as black boxes. Analyzing and monitoring mainframe activities requires expertise, time and resources and there is no “native” way to have a clear view on the whole infrastructure, especially in near real-time.

Mainframe system data have all the characteristics of big data. They are complex, represent a very large number of rows and are generated by the machine every second”, explains Jacky Hofbauer, President of zCost Management. “This challenge should not prevent companies from exploiting the value contained in their logs. Log data is a real gold mine for anyone wanting to improve the performance and profitability of their mainframe environment”.

Dino 2018 is the first iteration of zCost’s ambition to deliver a simple, affordable and complete application for Mainframe IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) to help IT management modernize their mainframe environment.

Release note Dino Explorer 2018

Dino Explorer 2018 features a brand-new analysis application, MSU Explorer. This application focuses on system performance analysis. It allows users to understand if their current system configuration is optimal and find improvement opportunities.