zCost Management

Founded in 2006, zCost Management is an ISV specialized in cost control and capacity planning on System z. The company was created by engineers and project managers with strong experience in the behavior and the constraints of complex systems.

The goal is to develop software products and to manage projects that allow companies to optimize their z/IT resources while reducing, controlling and following their z/IT budgets.

In 2019, zCost Management launches a new brand for our new solution, ZETALY. More contemporary and bolder, this new identity supports zCost Management’s ambition to innovate in the mainframe software sector. To learn more, visit https://zetaly.io


Our business-oriented products, AutoSoftCapping and CCP-Tool address the new challenges faced by IT and procurement managers.


Involved in over 100 capacity planning and cost control projects, we gained expertise in those fields thanks to mature and reliable products.


Our software suite provides you with solutions to reduce and control your IBM Monthly License Charge costs and optimize your Mainframe resources.

Bruno Koch


Bruno Koch, Chief Executive Officer at zCost Management, a leading company in MLC Cost Control. During his 29-year’s experience at a French banking group, Bruno successfully implemented strategies to perpetuate the group’s mainframe investments and acquired a deep understanding of companies’ needs in Capacity Planning and Cost Control. After being a skilled mainframe user over several years, he now dedicates his knowledge and energy in the development of zCost Management’s products to help clients get the most of their mainframe infrastructure.

Jacky Hofbauer

CSO & President

Jacky Hofbauer, President & Chief Strategy Officer of zCost Management, a leading company in MLC Cost Control. Jacky has been intricately involved with system Z and z/Pricing for over 30 years and is a recognized expert in this area. He continues to share his knowledge and experience through well-known white papers and Newsletters about system z and z/Pricing.

His quest for simplicity in managing Mainframe platforms has shaped the future of the company, thus making it a core value for zCost Management. His dedication in improving and growing the Mainframe ecosystem resulted in a large network of trusted experts, managers and customers helping us every day to deliver high added value software’s and services.