zCost launches ZETALY

We are proud to announce the launch of a new brand for our new solution, ZETALY. More contemporary and bolder, this new identity supports zCost Management’s ambition to innovate in the mainframe software sector.

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Tech U São Paulo

COME JOIN USzCost Management will attend to Tech U Sao Paulo 3rd-5th September 2019 come learn how to master your mainframe infrastructure with ZETALY  September 4th 2019 Make sense of your SMF records and mainframe logs.Room 10 Roberto Pacheco,  Support &...

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SHARE Pittsburgh

ARE YOU COMING?zCost Management will be pleased to meet you at the SHARE  4th-9th August 2019 to help you master your mainframe infrastructure.CONFERENCE 06th August 2019 Is there really Machine Learning in the Mainframe World?Room 31 Session: 26004By Carlos...

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IBM TechU Berlin 2019

COME JOIN USzCost Management will be pleased to meet you at the IBM TechU 20th-22nd May 2019 to help you master your mainframe infrastructure.CONFERENCE 21th May 2019 Is all that z/OS Log Data Valuable? Topas 1, ground floorBy Marc Beschi, Sales & Marketing...

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How to Make Tailored Fit Pricing More Affordable

  -Since the advent of mainframes in the 1960s, IBM pricing models strategies have taken on have evolved to address a variety of customer needs. It took nearly 40 years of trial and error for pricing models to arrive at a sub-capacity model where users only pay for...

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5 Mainframe Optimization Techniques

Everyone wants a faster, cheaper mainframe. They want it both ways — better performance on a budget. And, while this might sound idealistic, mainframe managers can have their cake and eat it too by making mainframe optimization a priority. At the heart of mainframe...

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What are SMF records?

System Management Facilities (SMF) offer a way of keeping track of what is happening on your mainframe. These reports help fill in the picture of mainframe activity. And, while this might seem simple at first, SMF records (in their numerous iterations) confound...

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