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    Dino Explorer Suite


    Dino Explorer Suite is a set of products to manage the workload of complex IBM Mainframes running z/OS operating system. Collect the mainframe events in real time based on NIMS  and transport them to the Dino database on the Open platform.

    NIMS – Non Intrusive Mainframe Software.

    Monitoring and administration of the mainframe environment has grown along with the business. Cost of capturing log events is increasing, making it unviable by the amount of data.The software for governance and monitoring grows along with the production, and their costs, linked to the size of the machine (MIPS or MSUs), cause the administration to increase investment in processing power.

    With the need for BIG DATA, mainframe event logs need to be captured in real time for analytics and trend analysis. The creation of a historical online database of event is needed. With that 4bears developed the concept of non-intrusive software for mainframe, giving customers the ability to gather logs 24×7 and having years of historical data online, available for trend and predictive analysis.

    It was aiming to use fewer machine resources for administration and to achieve the collection of all event information log that 4bears developed the NIMS technology.

    • Maintaining a database of mainframe services.
    • Meets regulatory requirements such as SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley).
    • Do not spend resources
    • Scale to billions of records.
    • Provides an 360 degrees overview of the mainframe environment.
    • Standardize processes to collect SMF records.
    • Serves disciplines of governance.
    • Generation of important information for BIG DATA analytics.
    Dino Explorer Suite:
    • CPU Explorer
    • CICS Explorer
    • DATASET Explorer
    • DASD Explorer
    • SMART

    The objective is to build a complete mainframe SMF log database environment for Governance and Analytics. The Dino Explorer software brings the possibility of collecting SMF logs in real time, on a fully automated and highly efficiently way with cost reduction. Fully based on the distributed  system platform (*), the solution uses its own extractors and messaging system in a non-intrusive way of collecting and consolidating all necessary mainframe log records.

    (*) could be z/Linux

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    NIMS Architecture

    • It makes no I/O
    • Minimum CPU usage
    • Minimum impact on the environment Production
    • Concept of “managing out-of-the-box”, runs on open system platform
    • Uses own messaging software and extractors
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    Customer experience

    By the end of 2010 we were consuming up to 8% of our CPU utilization to dump SMF´s of our environment to get just a 2 hour per day picture of our transaction´s performance statistics so we could better plan our special workload dates and also improve the bad transactions. Now with Dino Explorer we have almost 5 years of history, we are able to get 24×7, all transactions performance statistics, correlate all them in a business view and with almost no CPU or storage consumption…

    Bank Corporation in Brazil, Author description

    We needed to show every business department here in the company how they were using our mainframe infrastructure. With Dino Explorer, we could build a workload charge-back monitor showing MSU, MIPS, CPU consumptions, programs executed, daily, all in a business oriented perspective. Business managers would see these information in real-time through their IPad or Mobile devices.

    Credit Card Processing Company, Author description

    Every time we need moving storage from one machine to the other or doing any storage migration between data centers was difficult. The matrix correlation between all logical and physical storage infrastructure were in Excel sheets. With the Dino Explorer we could manage our storage capacity and performance planning it without any fear of mistake, we could also have better storage architecture as we could identify how the datasets were performing and correlate that with our business.

    Insurance Company, Author description