Dino Explorer Suite

Manage your mainframe out-of-the-box

Collect mainframe events in real time

Consolidate events into Dino database

Correlate any mainframe events in a business oriented view

Years of historical data online, available for trend and predictive analysis

Dino Explorer Suite analyzes and supports decision making in complex IBM Mainframe environments running the z/OS operating system.

Mainframe SMF records are captured in real-time, using no mainframe I/O and minimal CPU time, then transported to a relational database (Microsoft SQL Server) for analysis and historical storage. The data is updated, building a powerful source for strategic information on your z/OS systems. The suite of Explorer products consists of:

CPU Explorer

Mainframe Capacity Planning

CICS Explorer

CICS Performance Measurement and Transaction History

DASD Explorer

Storage Administration and Performance

Dataset Explorer

Dataset Administration and History

I/O Explorer

Address EXCP session from SMF 30 records

Dino Smart Production

Monitoring and Reengineering


  • Maintaining a database of mainframe services.
  • Meets regulatory requirements such as SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley).
  • Spend little on resources
  • Scale to billions of records.
  • Provides a 360 degrees overview of the mainframe environment.
  • Standardize processes to collect SMF records.
  • Serves disciplines of governance.
  • Generation of important information for BIG DATA analytics


The objective is to build a complete mainframe SMF log database environment for Governance and Analytics. The Dino Explorer Suite brings enables you to collect SMF logs in real-time, on a fully automated, user-friendly and highly efficient way, thus incurring cost reductions. Fully based on the distributed  system platform (could be z/Linux), the solution uses its own extractors and messaging system in a non-intrusive way of collecting and consolidating all necessary mainframe log records.

    NIMS Architecture

    The non-intrusive concept gives customers the ability to gather logs 24×7 and to keep years of historical data online, available for trend and predictive analysis.


    • It makes no I/O
    • Minimum CPU usage
    • Minimum impact on the production environment
    • Concept of “managing out-of-the-box”, runs on open system platform
    • Uses own messaging software and extractors

    “By the end of 2010 we were consuming up to 8% of our CPU utilization to dump SMF´s of our environment to get just a 2 hour per day picture of our transaction´s performance statistics so we could better plan our special workload dates and also improve the bad transactions. Now with Dino Explorer we have almost 5 years of history, we are able to get 24×7, all transactions performance statistics, correlate all them in a business view and with almost no CPU or storage consumption. ”

    Bank corporation


    “We needed to show every business department here in the company how they were using our mainframe infrastructure. With Dino Explorer, we could build a workload charge-back monitor showing MSU, MIPS, CPU consumptions, programs executed, daily, all in a business oriented perspective. Business managers would see these information in real-time through their IPad or Mobile devices.”

    Credit card processing company


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