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    CCP-Tool - CPT


    CCP-Tool allows forecasting mid and long-term requirements of your System z hardware and software resources by simulating capacity evolutions. This tool can become a key element in the elaboration of your IT strategy.

    You can simulate, for instance:
    • CPC model changes
    • CPC mergers
    • LPARs’ MSU consumption increase or decrease
    • PSLC aggregation
    Then you can elaborate your IT strategy:
    • Hardware acquisition plan
    • Software costs evolution
    • Financial Management

    Customer experience

    We ordered a SaaS project to zCost Management to elaborate a 3-year capacity planning, to define the z/architecture with the right number of servers and to evaluate the MLC & IPLA costs. The use of the CCP-Tool and the service provided to analyze the results allowed us to define the right architecture and our IT investment. Now we are going to stand by our z/Budget commitment.

    M Jacques Fradin, Senior Architect at PMU

    We started a national datacenter consolidation project in 2010: the plan was merging 5 Datacenters in 2 and getting the same IT System for the 39 regional banks. We had to define our IT budget for 3 years with software and hardware costs. We asked zCost Management for a CCP-Tool SaaS Project. This project has been successful and validated our capacity planning and our new ESSO agreement.

    A European Banking Corporation
    A European Banking Corporation, Author description

    Following the issue with NEON VS IBM with z/Prime, we have had to stop this product. We ordered a CCP-Tool project to define a capacity and cost planning taking into account the old zIIP consumption with zPrime. We defined together our needs and we planned our investment considering hardware and software. The project is done and we plan now to control our SW cost by running ASC from zCost Management.

    An Italian Customer, Author description