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    zCost Management software suite provides you with solutions to reduce and control your IBM Monthly License Charge costs, optimize your Mainframe resources, and comply with your Service Level Agreements as well as your budget commitments. Our complementary software, ASC and CCPTool, will help you better manage your data center by forecasting the future and reduce your costs.



    AutoSoftCapping (ASC) for zEnterprise is a Monthly License Charges (MLC) cost control solution. Through dynamic adjustment of the define capacity levels it lowers your MLC costs, optimizes your performance and complies with your service level agreements (SLA).

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    Our Capacity and Cost Planning Tool (CCPTool) enables you to better forecast your IT hardware and software evolution. CCPTool simulates different scenarios that will give you leverage to negotiate your software contracts and fine tune your IT budget forecast.

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    D4Z is a big-data oriented App based on ASC SMF Data, SCRT, Invoices and Software Agreements from IBM and ISV with Real Time and Historical Reporting and an accurate z / Financial Management for your ELA Commitment follow-up.

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