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    IBM Technical University, Orlando 2017

    23 May 2017
    May 22 – 26 Orlando, FL, USA Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace, Florida zCost Management and our partner Infotel will be pleased to meet you there at booth #12 to help you master your mainframe infrastructure. Thanks to our z/OS experts, our expertise ranges from Capacity Management, and cost

    Software Urbanism: A lever to negotiate with ISVs

    13 March 2017
    “Software urbanism” is a methodology designed to make sure that all software installed within your IT infrastructure brings the most added value possible. In a previous article, Jacky Hofbauer reviewed the direct impact of software urbanism on costs associated with the localization of the

    Software Urbanism to control costs

    24 January 2017
    Information Technology (IT) is rather young in human history. If you compare this sector with industry, IT is just at the beginning of its development. To illustrate this infancy, let’s consider the evolution of IT jobs. With the multiplication of tasks and jobs left to IT, teams grew in number

    New version software: AutoSoftCapping 4.0

    16 January 2017
    Cost Control: New version software to get the most out of country multiplex pricing IBM Clients Can Maximize Cost Reduction Potential of CMP with AutoSoftCapping V4.0     PARIS, FRANCE, January 16, 2017– To support its clients in getting the most out of Country Multiplex Pricing (CMP),


    24 May 2016
    IBM STG Technical Universities 5-day Event in Munich  Germany –   2016, June 13-17   Learn more… Don’t miss  our conferences:                 On Wednesday at 10:00 am in room ROM Mobile pricing & influencing your billing peak Abstract: “Safeguard the right

    Watson Walker Survey

    6 May 2016
    z Systems Technology Exploitation Survey by WW: Your are a Mainframe User, please indicate your use of, or plans for, the following technologies here more detail at the Cheryl’s List #190    

    CMG in Sao Paulo – BRAZIL

    4 May 2016
       11TH CMG BRASIL Performance and Capacity Planning Conferences                                                 Here the Agenda            Attend our 3 Conferences by 4Bears and zCost Management:   15:40 às 16:30 – Sala 2207 

    New z13 Microcode

    24 March 2016
    To all z13 users : One of our customers and IBM Labs  worked to improve the BCPii response time in setting Defined Capacity or Weight for LPARs. At the end, we helped them to validate the new microcode by using ASC to set LPAR’ DCs and the result is a setting response time lower and better than

    zCost extends its distributor network

    1 February 2016
    zCost Management is pleased to announce the signature of a distribution agreement with InSoft Infotel Software GmbH for the German-speaking market. The agreement is effective January 1st 2016. As the demand for our automated cost control and resource optimization tool – AutoSoftCapping
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