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    24 May 2016
    IBM STG Technical Universities 5-day Event in Munich  Germany –   2016, June 13-17   Learn more… Don’t miss  our conferences:                 On Wednesday at 10:00 am in room ROM Mobile pricing & influencing your billing peak Abstract: “Safeguard the right MSUs are in the right place, at the right time and for the right cost together with MWP (Mobile) by IBM and AutoSoftCapping (ASC) by zCost Management.” On Thursday at 8:00 am in room ROM “MLC reductions using zCost/ASC – a large bank’s user experiences” Abstract: Discover how an ASC user achieved a MLC cost control project then how they get benefits from all IBM Pricing Evolutions as MWP and now CMP thanks to the ISV reactivity (zCost Management) here the Full Agenda

    CMG in Sao Paulo – BRAZIL

    4 May 2016
       11TH CMG BRASIL Performance and Capacity Planning Conferences                                                 Here the Agenda            Attend our 3 Conferences by 4Bears and zCost Management:   15:40 às 16:30 – Sala 2207  – Understanding and Managing z/Princing by Jacky Hofbauer and  Alexey Amorim da Hora All you need to know about the IBM z licensing, from the methods to the contract and how the links between hardware and software could impact the pricing. Best practices to forecast and build a z/budget, to control what you planned and to follow-up your z/Environment and to apply a z/Financial management.   12:30 às 13:00 – Sala 2205 –  ASC – Auto Soft Capping Palestrante – 4Bears Como reduzir custos de software em ambientes mainframe utilizando “soft capping” dinâmico. 13:00 às 13:30 – Sala 2205 – Dino Explorer Suite Palestrante – 4Bears SMF Big Data, coletando uma avalanche de logs em te ambiente. mpo real, sem fazer esforço e com recursos mínimos de

    zCost extends its distributor network

    1 February 2016
    zCost Management is pleased to announce the signature of a distribution agreement with InSoft Infotel Software GmbH for the German-speaking market. The agreement is effective January 1st 2016. As the demand for our automated cost control and resource optimization tool – AutoSoftCapping -increases, it is vital we work with industry partners that can supply technical support and deliver know how to customers in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Insoft has a proven 35-year track record in the mainframe industry, thus making the company a perfect distribution partner to provide sales and field level support as well as to expand the reach of our software. zCost Management and InSoft Infotel Software GmbH will join their forces to address the German-speaking market and deliver products to support Mainframe customers in reducing their monthly license charges, improving and optimizing their mainframe resources,  fine tuning their capacity planning and saving time by implementing automation. Welcome to the InSoft Infotel Software GmbH Team! About zCost Management zCost Management is a worldwide leader in cost control and resource optimization software for the z/OS platform. Created in 2006, the company is now supplying its products in over 15 countries. zCost’s team is dedicated to support and develop the mainframe ecosystem and works tirelessly to support their customers with efficient running of their mainframe activity. About InSoft Infotel Software GmbH InSoft Infotel Software GmbH is a software development, training and consulting firm specializing in mainframe and client/server systems. Initially, founded as WICHMANN + OAKHILL Consultancy in 1978 by Colin Oakhill and Günther Wichmann, the company concentrated on CICS systems and progressed through to network and connectivity environments, gaining vast experience with most database systems along the way. Based in Düsseldorf, Germany, and founded in 1986, the InSoft Infotel Software GmbH now supports more than 350 installations with self-developed products.