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    Dino for zCost - D4Z


    D4Z is a big-data oriented App based on ASC SMF Data, SCRT, Invoices and Software Agreements from IBM and ISV.

    D4Z Benefits
    • Real Time Monitoring thanks to NIMS and ASC SMF records
    • Big-Data Analysis thanks to the Dino-DB
    • An Accurate z / Financial Management
    • A Baseline feature to detect any deviation

    Manage the Activity

    Analyze Historical Data

    Control Budgets


    Real-time Monitoring

    • Resources (CPC, LPAR)
    • WLM Behavior (WKL, IMP, SC in MSU)
    • SLAs
    • Soft Capping Behavior
    • Baseline


    Comparison by Resource or Date / Time:

    • CPC
    • Combined CPCs
    • Environment
    • LPAR


    • SLA: Batch or Online
    • CP / zIIP
    • Mobile / zCAP / CMP


    • Capacity follow-up in MSUs (CPC or Aggregated CPCs)
    • Product MSU Distribution per CPC, LPAR, Environment
    • Product Cost Distribution per CPC, LPAR, Environment
    • Contract commitment follow-up:
      • manage the MSU limits month by month
      • compare the monthly cost aggregation to the yearly contract commitment

    We deliver major customers expectations with a cost follow-up per product and a view to follow-up the ELA commitments!

    Here the graph highlights an extra cost for DB2 and CICS linked to an extra consumption maybe due to a loop or other application issue.

    In this example, the trend in orange shows that  the contract commitment in red of 9M€ will be reached in November: an information we have to detect before….


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