Mobile Workload Pricing – What is it?

According to PEW Research Center, 95 percent of Americans own a smartphone. Mobile devices are undeniably a part of everyday life these days and, as a result, mainframe activity will never be the same. In light of ever-increased mobile activity, z/OS systems needed a pricing model that was...

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Mobile workload pricing benefits consumers and businesses every day

Why is my mainframe system so expensive?

For most companies, mainframe expenses require up to 40 percent of the IT budget. Investing in a quality mainframe system brings significant value to many top enterprises, and yet it can still be difficult to stomach. Mainframes remain essential for carrying out mission-critical operations...

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What is Mainframe Software Urbanism?

How to Improve Mainframe Performance and Reduce Monthly Costs With Software Asset Management Whether due to redundant applications, archaic licenses, or outdated contracts, chances are that your z/OS environment is being bogged down by superfluous software. After years of operation, it’s not...

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What is Container Pricing?

Container Pricing, which was introduced in late-2017, is a new pricing solution that makes scaling workloads more economical. Container Pricing is a framework for hosting simplified and flexible software pricing for qualified workloads running on z13 or z14 processors. The main benefit of...

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