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Our Product Suite


A complete and simple solution to elaborate your capacity planning and choose the most cost-effective evolution plan


A powerful and automatic tool to optimize resource allocation, improve performance and control MLC costs

Dino For zCost

A big data platform designed to run deep analysis on your past mainframe activities and follow your contracts

About us

Created in 2006, zCost Management is an ISV specialized in cost control and capacity planning on System z.

The company is founded by engineers and project managers with strong experience in the behavior and the constraints of complex systems.

The goal is to develop software products and to manage projects that allow companies to optimize their z/IT resources while reducing, controlling and following their z/IT budgets.

We are also adressing Capacity & Perfomance Management from the beginning of 2015 by offering the Dino Explorer Suite from 4Bears in the European market.

IBM Launches z13 Mainframe -- Most Powerful and Secure System Ever Built

IBM Launches z13 Mainframe — Most Powerful and Secure System Ever Built

The Management Team

Jacky HOFBAUER President & CSO

Bruno KOCH

DACH Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Frederic NJOH EBOA
Channel Manager

Mélissa LEROY
Head of Marketing

Christophe CHEVEREAU

Support & Presale

Local Organization

Global Organization

We address these 3 topics

  • Capacity Planning
  • Cost Control
  • Capacity and Performance Management

with our following solutions

  • CCPTool
  • AutoSofCapping
  • Dino Explorer Suite
  • Expertise and Services


Our business-oriented products, AutoSoftCapping© and CCP-Tool©, address the new challenges IT and purchase managers nowadays face. We also provide technical expertise to help customers build their IT strategy and achieve their cost control goals.


Involved in more than 100 capacity planning and cost control projects, we have got an acknowledged expertise in these topics thanks to mature and reliable products.


Our software suite provides you with solutions to reduce and control your IBM Monthly License Charge costs, optimize your Mainframe resources, and comply with your Service Level Agreements as well as your budget commitments.