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    AutoSoftCapping V4.1 is now Generally Available!

    7 November 2017
    AutoSoftCapping Version 4.1 expands opportunities for a better capacity management A new version for better performance, operability and readability PARIS, FRANCE, November 6, 2017–zCost Management announces today the release of version 4.1 of its mainframe software AutoSoftCapping. In a continuous attempt to improve its software and provide its customers with the best possible product, zCost Management focused its efforts on delivering users with higher efficiency in cost and service delivery management by improving AutoSoftCapping’s performance. This results in a more powerful algorithm for dynamic capacity allocation. “Our customers gain expertise on capacity management while using AutoSoftCapping. Thus, they are always sharing with us new opportunities to improve our product’s performance.”, said Bruno Koch, CEO of zCost Management. “This release is the result of a collaborative work that we cherish at zCost Management.” In this new version, customers will enjoy a set of new features enabling the prioritization of MSUs within a partition, 100% accurate data matching IBM’s SCRT and greater flexibility in the dynamic defined capacity adjustment, to name a few. Furthermore, zCost Management improved the user experience and software operability for quicker responsiveness and extra data readability. Finally, to stay on top of security requirements, the Web-interface was upgraded for security protocol, thus enabling data privacy. “Our mission at zCost Management is to help customers optimize their z/IT resources while reducing, controlling, and analyzing their z/IT budgets. Version 4.1 of AutoSoftCapping is a step further in that direction.” said Jacky Hofbauer, CSO and President of zCost Management.   About AutoSoftCapping® AutoSoftCapping, or ASC, automatically and dynamically adjusts clients’ defined capacity levels while ensuring quality of service, resulting in a lower Monthly License Charge bill. Furthermore, AutoSoftCapping offers user-friendly and in-depth web reporting to track activity and quickly identify opportunities for improvement. The combination of task automation and detailed activity monitoring frees precious time for mainframe experts to focus on other, high value-added, activities. About the company zCost Management is a French software manufacturer specializing in cost control on mainframes for the past 10 years. Its software solutions are distributed worldwide through various offices and a large distribution network. zCost Management team is dedicated to the support and development of the mainframe ecosystem and works tirelessly to support customers with the efficient running of their Mainframe activity. Its close relationship with IBM enables them to test their products in a complex environment on new hardware releases, such as the new z14. # # # If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Melissa LEROY at +33 6 77 96 02 32 or email at

    Mainframes still rock!

    6 November 2017
    Mainframe: Why you should not ask for divorce?   Mainframes process 30 billion business transactions per day, including credit card transactions and other critical processes. Companies heavily rely on them as workloads continue to grow. Nonetheless, the legacy platform is often called into question. Is it for a good reason? Many organizations tried to exit from the mainframe. Based on exit failure experiences, this infographic shows you why you should not get rid of them.

    IBM Technical University, Orlando 2017

    23 May 2017
    May 22 – 26 Orlando, FL, USA Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace, Florida zCost Management and our partner Infotel will be pleased to meet you there at booth #12 to help you master your mainframe infrastructure. Thanks to our z/OS experts, our expertise ranges from Capacity Management, and cost control to capacity planning. BOOTH HOURS Monday: 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm Tuesday: 12:30 pm – 3:15 pm & 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm Wednesday: 12:30 pm – 1:45 pm

    Software Urbanism: A lever to negotiate with ISVs

    13 March 2017
    “Software urbanism” is a methodology designed to make sure that all software installed within your IT infrastructure brings the most added value possible. In a previous article, Jacky Hofbauer reviewed the direct impact of software urbanism on costs associated with the localization of the software on your mainframe infrastructure. But costs are also greatly influenced by the type of contracts you signed and your software portfolio. According to Giga Information Group (now Forrester), software costs are seven times greater than hardware costs. Thus, software has become the central target for cost-reduction strategies. Gartner confirms this in a recent study on Software Asset Management (SAM): A SAM project requires a specific process: Map the software Analyze the functional coverage List equivalent software that could replace existing software Create a calendar of software contract termination dates Detect potential overlaps Estimate migration efforts Solutions dedicated to SAM, such as IBM’s Tivoli and CA’s Unified Infrastructure Management, are available today from different vendors. These tools enable you to conduct a quick software-portfolio study by collecting the necessary information: What software is currently installed on my infrastructure? Which software is being used effectively? What are the licensing/contract costs for each product? With this information, you can identify four scenarios: 1 2 3 4 Scenario Software is: Installed Used effectively Under contract Software is: Installed Used effectively Not under contract Software is: Installed Not used Under contract Software is: Not installed Not used Under contract Action required Keep up negotiations for discount Solve compliance issues Remove the software and cancel contract Cancel maintenance With this clear overview of your situation in hand, five different strategies are possible: Retire – Remove the unused software from your infrastructure Reduce – Prepare to retire little-used software by restricting access for new users Re-host – Isolate expensive and capacity-consuming software on a dedicated LPAR (logical partition) Renegotiate – Adapt the licensing model to your actual usage Replace/rationalize – Remove duplicates or migrate to more affordable products For the negotiation and replacement/rationalization strategies, you can decide between two different approaches: The holistic approach A (generic) holistic approach consists of choosing a single software vendor to cover all your needs so as to obtain more discounts and pricing stability. This approach has both pros and cons: Pros: Increased power of negotiation Larger volume leading to more discounts Long-term contracts result in more discounts Greater protection against potential price increases Suitable for quick consolidation in case of merger or acquisition Cons: Choices are limited to three major independent software vendors (ISVs): IBM, BMC Software and CA Technologies Cost-effective, but less technically adapted to needs This approach is contract-driven. This means you are making a long-term engagement with the ISV, which can be risky in a perpetually changing computing world. My best advice is to define the end point as soon as possible and to anticipate and plan the renegotiation before the end of the contract. In case of a migration, the impact on your activity will be high and you need to be prepared for it. The case-by-case

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    We are also adressing Capacity & Perfomance Management from the beginning of 2015 by offering the Dino Explorer Suite from 4Bears in the European market.

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